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Delivery of Goods from US Internet Shops and Auctions

Meest-America provides you with US address for delivery of goods from any website, their consolidation and further delivery to your address. With our online mail manager you can track your goods at any time from the moment they are delivered to our address to the moment of their delivery to your address in the destination country.

Using our consolidation services you can choose to have your goods from different stores packed in one box and save on international shipping.

Log into our mail manager www.my.meest.us and choose when, where, and how you wish to have your packages shipped.


When ordering goods from online stores, please, address them to your name, our address, and put the number of your client ID next to your name. You will see the client id when you register on our site.

    • John Smith
    • Meest-America
    • 600 Markley Street, (your client ID)
    • Port Reading, NJ 07064
    1. Meest-America cannot be responsible for the goods which are delivered to us in boxes  without your name on them, your account number in our mail manager or tracking number which is a proof of delivery.
    2. Register with our mail manager www.my.meest.us and copy all the tracking numbers you have received from your sellers into your account.
    3. Tracking number is very important since it is your proof of delivery from the store to our address. Please, keep in mind that USPS does not scan tracking numbers at our address as UPS and FedEx couriers do. USPS also makes daily mistakes delivering packages to our address which are not addressed to our location.
    4. Once you copied your tracking numbers into our programm, you will be receiving confirmation messages from us upon our receipt of your goods and status update.
    5. Consolidate your packages  by trasfering all your tracking numbers (boxes) into international shipments and choose a method of shipment (sea or air) in our app.
    6. We will pack your packages according to your instructions.
    7. Once you place your orders for shipping with us, fulfillment services for air parcels take 1 - 2 business days before you receive the invoice from us, for sea shipments- 2 - 5 business days.
    8. Once the packing is finished and export documents are prepared, we shall send you a bill. You can pay online using a credit card or you can pay upon delivery of your package.
    9. In order to pay for shipping upon delivery you must write a message in my.meest in your shipment to our accunting department within 48 hours of the receipt of the bill.
    • Use our US address free of charge
    • We accept your boxes free of charge
    • We store your goods for up to 28 days free of charge
    • Price for shipping by air  is the following - to  Kyiv - $6.95 per kg, the rest of Ukraine - $7.45 per kg 
    • Price for shipping by sea is the following - to  Kyiv - $3.05 per kg, the rest of Ukraine - $3.45 per kg


    • With general questions you may contact us by e-mail info@meest.us, via phone 1800 288 9949 or 1908 289 5556 or via SKYPE- MEEST-AMERICA,INC
    • With questions regarding payment, please, contact us at   payments@meest.us
    • If you have a claim, please, contact us at    claims@meest.us
    • If are interested in partner program, contact us at partners@meest.us

    • Meest-America works diligently to prevent any credit card fraud, cancels any account upon discovery of such activity and returns merchandise to the merchant.